One-day seminar was arranged at Dagai, Tehsil Khudu Khel , District Buner for local dairy farmers.

Dr. Zia ur Rehamn was the chief organizer of the program.  The event got started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Nutrition consultant Mr. Usman (Pakistan dairy feed) delivered important information about the use of total mixed ration and its benefits for dairy early and late lactation period in Holstein Friesian cattle. The requirements of the formulated ration for low and high milk production cattle in semi- urban area of District Buner were explained to diary farmers.

Besides, the use of elite Artificial Insemination semen and its advantage were explained to farmers by

Dr. Faseehuddin and Dr Faisal Shazad (Ghazi Brothers). The farmers showed keen interest in the adaptation of elite sire AI for their cows to improve their production.

Later on, in the forum farmers and field consultants openly discussed different issues related to reproduction i.e. retained placenta etc., and their prevention, especially the prevention of Brucellosis in this region. The program gracefully ended with thanks extended to farmers and calibrators.