The word Theriogenology is derived from two Greek words which collectively mean the study of animal creation. It is a wide-ranging field covering all aspects of reproductive medicine and surgery. Likewise, this exciting and fascinating subject covers all aspects of reproductive anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, embryology, neonatology and obstetrics. This field has a very old history, like Aristotle in 350 BC stated that the fetus originates from menstrual blood and semen is derived from all parts of the body. After that Fallopius, Coiter, De-Graff, Leeuwenhoek and a countless number of scientists, doctors, and researchers tried to study semen, reproductive tract and process of copulations and fertilization which Spallazani ended with the invention of the technique of Artificial Insemination. But with this technique the drive took a high speed and now- a- days a countless number of researchers are working in this field on in-vitro fertilization, embryo transfer technology, quality semen cryo-preservations, semen and embryo sexing, cloning, genetic engineering and of course with pregnancy related issues.  Coming back to my point, that is, why I selected this field, I have many reasons which I want my comrades to know;

  1.  Interesting Discipline:  This field is potentially interesting and useful for both humans and animals. In this subject the students are able to recognize, diagnose and treat the clinical case which affects the reproductive system of different species.
  2. Teachers: The teacher who teaches this subject creates interest in their students to help open new windows in reproduction researches to identify different problems and search their solution.
  3. Clinicians: If you want to be best veterinary practitioners in future you must know that about 70 to 80% clinical cases are related to reproduction, and good reproduction could lead to high milk and meat production.
  4. Researchers: Reproduction is a process in which the parents pass on their gene or genetic information for the survival of future generations. When there is no reproduction in a specie there is no existence in the universe. So reproduction plays a major role in the nature. Therefore, the researchers take great interest in improving the qualities of gametes to overcome the problems of infertility in both males and females.
  5. Investors: A businessman may invest in this field and may get a lot of profit in reproduction related businesses i.e. Semen cryopreservation,  embryo production and distribution, sex semen production, small animal farming, animal breeding especially those of expensive ones.
  6. Farmers:  Every farmer wants his animals to produce twins and especially the small animal farmers want more than 3 from each animal per gestation. Besides, farmers desire to improve their profit by application of new emerging technology in the field of reproduction.