Recently saw that our housing society regularly panders to an ignorant but a loud lobby of residents and calls on the TMA to murder healthy stray dogs.
Their (residents) reasons for this wretched acts are 1) Fear; our children are afraid 2) They (read dogs) are dangerous and we cannot go to parks 3) They follow us when we walk 4) Cannot sleep at night if a dog barks.
Hence they demand that dogs be killed.
Killing strays argument is on the same level as suggesting that to eliminate crime let us kill all humans. If someone thinks this way the only bone they should have is with their psych evaluator.
To appear reasonable some people were even ready to “allow” that the dogs be DRUGGED and TRANSPORTED to some place else ; the lengths we go to make our selves “feel” better 🙂
All 4 “reasons” are based on ignorance ; unintended /intentional
From a very young age to leash their children people tell them to not approach the dog/animal as it will bite ; the child learns to fear and gradually as a pastime also throws rocks at them.
Fear; our problem not the dog’s. I will do nothing if v don’t provoke it or make him think he’s in danger from us. Stray dogs are not dangerous; they interact with many people and unlike pet dogs do not feel aggressive towards strangers.
So next time you are near a stray dog just mind your own business like when we do when we our at a friend/relatives house who keeps a pooch.
For a fact read below to what Janis Bradley a Dog Bite researcher says:
Janis Bradley says “A child is more likely to die choking on a marble or aBalloonand an adult is more likely to die in a bedroom slipper related accident. Your chances of being killed by aDog faceare roughly 1 in 18 million. You are 5 times more likely to be killed by a bolt of lightning.”
As for the following me around part; dogs think differently than humans; We are betrayed by one and think all humans are the same. If 99 people hurl stones at a dog but one throws a morsel of food, the dog is just dumb enough to think that you are that one person.
As for the sleepless nights; buy yourself ear plugs. If a child cries at night the parents do not go and call the TMA they go and feed her. (The parent reference is apt as humans we should protect all living beings)
Lastly, people say “So what should be do about these dogs roaming the streets?” Well instead of wasting food in the bin share it with them and ask your society to have the strays vaccinated.
Also stop thinking about dogs and start a hobby; you will feel and sleep better already.