Theriogenology is that branch of veterinary medicine which deals with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, semenology and artificial insemination. The Society for Theriogenology and Veterinary Medicine welcomes all veterinarians and veterinary students including researchers who have a special interest in the area of reproduction in domestic species. The SFTRM offers Active memberships to veterinarians invite you to review our objectives and join SFTRM to take advantage of the benefits membership has to offer.

Benefits of membership:

SFTRM provides a platform for veterinarians for expansion of professional network and updated veterinary practices. It will also help the members to hone their veterinary clinical practices particularly in the field of animal reproduction. The society’s website and arrangement of workshops, trainings,
symposia and electronic media will also provide an ideal environment for the members to have access to the world class speakers and enhance their knowledge and skills in reproductive veterinary medicine.

Newsletters: The newsletter and web page blogs will keep the members updated in the current or upcoming issues in the field of animal reproduction.

Find a veterinary expert: For general public, livestock dairy farmers, and pet owners, SFTRM will help its members to find a veterinarian of his/her choice. The public view page of SFTRM will provide access to the members’ clinical address and cell numbers.

Discount in fee: Discount will be given to each registered member of the society depending upon event.